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Managing the expense reports of the employees of your company in one country can be complex in itself. But if your business has international operations in several countries, each with different languages and currencies, suddenly, the work is multiplied.


Last week’s webinar The Expat Trap: Maintaining Sanity in Expatriate Management, encouraged a lot of discussion, as oftentimes, one of the first steps in any international expansion is setting up an expatriate overseas.There were several interesting questions from attendees for HSP's expatriate expert Katie Davies; here are some of the highlights, as well as Katie’s answers:


When working on international expansion or maintaining your existing international operations, heavy international travel is often required. The following guest post,originally appearing on the Concur Insights blog, gives some insight on how to deal with the chaos that can arise when traveling abroad.


With incredible annual growth leading to its title as fastest-growing economy in the world, China is an economic powerhouse that cannot be ignored, and is not surprisingly the target of many companies considering


The decision to embark on an international expansion can be both exciting and frightening: seemingly endless growth opportunities exist, but there can be significant risks involved. The checklist for setting up international operations is lengthy and varies country to country. And what’s worse, one missed detail could mean serious negative consequences for your business, in the form of fines