International Expansion

Japan is Rumbling Back to Life with Some of Asia’s Best Business Opportunities

By Andrew Lindquist, Director, Sales

Andrew Lindquist, Director Sales, High Street PartnersFor years, Japan’s economy languished while its less-developed neighbors enjoyed red-hot growth. But today Japan’s once moribund economy has enjoyed three-straight quarters of growth — and at a faster rate than the U.S. economy. For the first time in a long time, Japan offers many businesses the best growth opportunities in Asia.

Recent CFO Survey: Companies Pursue Outside Help to Navigate Unfamiliar Overseas Markets

By Bill Thomas, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

When American businesses venture abroad, they face serious challenges: ensuring compliance, managing tax implications, and aligning their goals with the local culture. According to CFOs and senior finance executives who participated in a recent survey conducted jointly by HSP and our partner CFO Magazine, those challenges only grow when a firm’s expansion takes it into emerging markets.

China’s Value Added Tax (VAT) Reform Goes Nationwide August 1st – Tips to Ensure Your Business Stays in Compliance

By Nick Hart, Director, Advisory Services

Nicholas Hart, VAT Expert, Value Added Tax ExpertIf you’re a business with overseas operations, chances are you’ve had experience dealing with the intricacies of Value Added Tax (VAT).  If your business has already set up shop in China, you’re probably in tune with the China VAT Reform Pilot Program and the impending August 1st nationwide rollout of VAT in certain commercial sectors.


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