United Kingdom

Expanding Your Business in Ireland: An Attractive UK Alternative

The United Kingdom, with its affluent domestic market, highly educated workforce, and a shared language, is among the most popular destinations for American businesses expanding overseas. But right next door, Ireland offers those same advantages along with an aggressively pro-business government and a favorable tax structure.

U.S. vs. U.K. Employment Law: What's the Difference?

The old saying goes that the United Kingdom and the United States are just “two countries separated by a common language.” But it’s more than the use of the letter “u” in labo(u)r that distinguishes these two nations.

Similar to the rest of the European Union, U.K. employment law is designed to protect employees, and is very different than those that exist in the U.S. When first considering international expansion to the U.K., here are some of the employment differences that businesses need to keep in mind.

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