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This week’s Global Glance looks at: why the G20’s annual summit was mostly hot air; Obama’s Laos visit and the problem of cluster bombs; and Botswana turning 50.

Obtaining a company officer’s signature is the final step in the US corporate tax-return process. If an officer is unfortunate enough to receive a return on or shortly before the deadline, he or she will almost certainly not be able to thoroughly review it. To help company officers in this situation, we’ve prepared a checklist of essential items to review before signing a US corporate tax return.

On August 30, 2016, the European Commission found that Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple Inc., and demanded that Apple repay €13 billion to Irish tax authorities. We provide a clear, concise summary of the situation and tell you what you need to consider in the wake of the ruling.

The OECD has released transfer pricing and country-by-country reporting (CbCR) guidelines requiring certain multinational enterprises to provide additional information to international tax authorities on their global business operations, economic activities and transfer pricing policies. This post summarizes the key aspects of the new CbCR requirements and how they may affect your business.

This week’s Global Glance looks at gay bars around the world, and why some are on the decline and some are emerging and resemble US gay bars of old.