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On March 24, Singapore’s Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced the Singapore budget for the 2016 financial year. An outline of Heng’s speech to parliament, with links to passages by topic, is available on the government website. Since the full text runs to over 14,000 words — or 72 pages in the downloadable Word document — we’re summarizing the budget’s important tax-related points here.

Welcome back to Global Glance. This week we’ll do something a little different and look at a single story — the recent termination of the mammoth Pfizer-Allergan merger — a little more closely. Hang on to your profit and loss statements, then, here we go.

A new comprehensive trade agreement could bring big economic benefits to member countries and impose uniform rules governing intellectual property, state protectionism, e-commerce and more. Here's what you need to know.

Welcome back to Global Glance. This week we look at how to launder money and shoot craps at the same time, the trouble with judging NAFTA, and why US expats and accidental Americans loath the IRS.

Companies of all sizes — not just behemoths like Google and Facebook — are under increased scrutiny from tax authorities. We are in a time when corporate tax laws around the globe are evolving at a quick pace, and this understandably leaves many corporations uneasy and looking for clarity. Let’s look at two scenarios involving how a multinational might be taxed by two sets of tax authorities on the same income. Equipped with this knowledge, you may be able to avoid these kinds of pitfalls, or at least be prepared for the possibility that they may arise.