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The Australian Government issued its 2016 Federal Budget yesterday, and there are significant implications for multinationals operating there. This post is a summary of important points covered in the announcement, with an emphasis on foreign businesses.

This week's Global Glance looks at why financial institutions are scrambling to protect themselves against SWIFT malware; China's new restrictions on nonprofits; and China's transition to VAT.

Achieving a balance in the area of family leave is critical for multinationals. HR leaders should ask themselves: How can we develop family friendly leave policies that comply with local labor laws and customs, and encourage a healthy work-life balance, all while ensuring that our growing business remains financially sustainable?

This week's Global Glance looks at Africa’s amazing HeroRATS; why Djibouti is the most important African nation you’ve never heard of; and Africa’s 2016 economic outlook.

The gender pay gap is a worldwide problem; it exists in every nation. Perhaps the most telling statistic demonstrating this inequality is the gender pay gap: on average, women earn 46% less than men earn. In fact, the annual pay for women only now equals the amount men were earning 10 years ago. Increasing attention to the gender pay gap around the world has inspired governments and advocacy groups to take action. In this climate, it is increasingly important for employers to ensure that they are paying their employees fairly and in compliance with the laws of the countries in which they operate.