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Given India’s enormous economic potential, we wanted to highlight some recent developments that companies operating in India should be aware of. These changes — some of which are already in place and some of which will come into effect soon — include the introduction of the new Companies Act 2013, which mandates a host of requirements for Indian companies or Indian subsidiaries of foreign companies. There are also important changes to corporate withholding tax and an increase in the Service Tax Rate.

In this week's Global Glance we look at the killing of a protected lion in Zimbabwe, Netflix’s new “unlimited” parental leave policy, and temporary work in the global precariat.

Employers operating in Brazil should seriously consider a profit sharing plan, or “PLR,” when designing their compensation plans. Unlike many employer obligations, this one can benefit both employers and employees alike if it is structured properly from the start. This post takes a look at the basics of Brazil’s profit sharing plans, including a list of steps to complete when developing a PLR.

In this week's Global Glance, we look at the best and worst global vacation destinations, Lollapalooza in Colombia and Arab TV in Israel.

Since 2012, the largest employers in the United Kingdom have been required to automatically enrol nearly all of their employees in a pension and to make minimum contributions. Over the next several years, this requirement will be imposed on all employers in the UK, with significant consequences for employers and employees alike.