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In this week's Global Glance we look at Uber’s and Airbnb’s differing global strategies, a pro golfer’s UK visa woes and luxury vacations.

Effective January 1, 2015, France now permits an optional value-added tax (“VAT”) reverse charge procedure. The announcement follows the successful implementation of the procedure in the Netherlands and Belgium, both of which have enjoyed greater levels of trade.

In this week's Global Glance, we look at an accidental global tech player, returning expats and reverse culture shock, and Chinese authorities seizing meat from the 1970s.

In an agreement announced between unions and employers, covered workers are now guaranteed 11 consecutive hours of uninterrupted time off — that is, time in which they can not only be out of the office but also free from the demands of work devices. Employers will be responsible for allowing employees to disconnect and for developing a means by which they can disconnect.

In this week's Global Glance we look at fake social media profiles, the vulnerability of chocolate, and a 16-year-old French girl making American baseball history.