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Welcome back to Global Glance. This week we look at Apple begging in Brussels; swearing in the US and the UK; and a cleric's declaration that chess is the work of the devil.

Employee engagement. It’s a buzzword that conjures up a multitude of different things for employers all over the world. To some, employee engagement is something fluffy, even intangible — at best an HR “nice to have.” To others, employee engagement is fundamental to their business culture and working environment. But what really is employee engagement, and what are its benefits to global employers?

Welcome back to Global Glance. This week we look at Starbucks’ China expansion and its appealing new perks; how the Ebola outbreak was declared over and resurfaced the next day; and income inequality in China and the US.

Taking the time to research laws and documentation requirements for foreign countries can be challenging and time-consuming. But not doing so poses serious risks for your company’s pocketbook and reputation. Penalties for neglecting to file documents, reporting information incorrectly or failing to pay taxes can be severe enough to spark civil or even criminal legal proceedings against your company’s directors. And pleading ignorance of such obligations is no defense.

In this week's Global Glance we look at how Netflix’s world domination is almost complete, VW’s mounting legal troubles and the latest Big Mac index.