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The European Commission formally adopted the EU-US Privacy Shield, the much-anticipated replacement to Safe Harbor that will allow the transfer of EU data to the US. Here's what you need to know.

This week we look at the UK’s quirky pedestrian etiquette and the importance of food in India.

France can be perceived stereotypically abroad as a country where strikes happened too regularly, workers do not work many hours, businesses are burdened with taxation, trade unions remain all-powerful, free enterprise is a pipe dream and employers must comply with cumbersome red tape. And there are varying degrees of truth to all of these perceptions. For these reasons and others, multinationals are understandably wary of expanding into the French market.

Many global leaders inside and outside HR struggle to understand how they can boost workplace productivity, particularly when managing a global workforce where employees may have vastly different cultural expectations and will be operating under different sets of labor laws depending on their office locations. There is no magic formula for ensuring high employee productivity across borders, but there are a few key ingredients that are essential to promoting the productivity of your global workforce.

This week's Global Glance looks at a workplace spanking incident in China, and a survey showing Asia-Pacific as the new epicenter of the world's rich.