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India has long been derided for its dense labyrinth of laws and resistance to change. Its new government has passed sweeping new legislation aimed at making it easier for non-Indian companies and individuals to do business and invest in the country. We look at some of the most significant reforms.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump is viewed by investors as potentially toxic to the Mexican economy. The value of the Mexican peso appears to be linked to the perceived likelihood of a Trump victory in November.

Japan’s Ministry of Justice eliminated a longstanding law requiring foreign companies to appoint at least one resident of Japan as a representative director. This is welcome news for multinationals, but there are still substantial benefits associated with employing a local resident as a director.

Recently elected Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte's tactics and temperament are already profoundly affecting his country's economy. Here's what Duterte's presidency means for foreign investors in a country that's been a rising economic star in South East Asia.

Brexit represents a major sociopolitical change that will affect the supply chains of countless multinationals. We recommend steps you can take now to protect your organization from Brexit’s eventualities, including examining your supply chain for direct and indirect links to the UK and reviewing your contracts to make sure they're Brexit friendly.