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In 2014, the face of global enterprise continues to change rapidly and the signs are everywhere. Amidst all the change, the one constant is the increasing global awareness of more and more businesses. We wanted to create a resource for those enterprises that are aware of the promise of the new global playing field, but still deciding whether, and how, to take advantage of it. To that end, I’m excited to introduce Winning Globally: A Playbook for International Expansion Teams, an e-book by Radius’ Vice Chairman, Larry Harding.

One of the biggest setbacks in China’s ongoing economic evolution has been air pollution. The smog has gotten so bad that businesses are finding it difficult to place expatriate workers in Beijing. When sending an employee to China, be prepared to offer hardship benefits to expat candidates if you expect them to work in Beijing.

Like much of the rest of the world, Radius has been abuzz about the Bite Heard Round the World, Uruguay striker Luis Suárez’s tooth-first attack on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. It got us talking about the relationship between different teams’ styles of play and the level of corruption in the countries they come from. We wanted to know if countries with higher levels of corruption are fielding teams that play dirtier on the pitch.

So, you’ve decided it’s time to expand. You’ve decided where and how you want to expand. But there’s the small matter of execution. And some entries are more difficult than others. So how do you learn to play in an unfamiliar environment – especially when you’re going up against a team with home field advantage? Here’s what our experts had to say at our latest VC Insights panel...

The story of coffee has always been one of international growth. Now Western businesses are competing to popularize coffee consumption in the massive tea-drinking markets of Asia. The global balance of caffeine may never be the same.