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US soccer star Juan Agudelo's story is indicative of the UK's changing immigration laws and the trend towards tightening restrictions. So if you’re applying for a UK visa or work permit, don't be surprised if the process presents you with significant challenges.

The UK's Autumn Statement was delivered on December 3 and addressed government spending and taxation plans, as well as international taxation changes that have implications on multinational companies.

While it’s true that international expansion will likely present you with a host of costs, demands on resources and other challenges you’ve never encountered before, so many businesses are expanding globally for one obvious reason: The benefits of the expansion far outweigh the costs.

In July, we released the first chapter of Winning Globally: A Playbook for International Expansion Teams, by Radius’ Vice Chairman, Larry Harding. Yesterday, we released Chapter Five, “Register or Fly Under the Radar?" on permanent establishment and setting up the right legal entity abroad.

It’s never been easier to set up shop in a new country, and enterprises are eagerly pursuing revenue in overseas markets. Our job at Radius is to deal with the wrinkles in the international expansion process so that our clients can take their business plans and run with them.