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Yesterday, we released Chapter Seven of our Winning Globally eBook, “Where to Set Up Shop? Getting the Right Location and Space for Your Expansion Needs” exploring the process of selecting new office locations overseas.

Risk management has become a complex business. To help simplify matters, we've put together a three-part series on the fundamentals of risk management. In the third and final part, let’s take a look at the review and challenge of a risk management framework.

Instead of employer concerns such as corporate permanent establishment triggers and local employment laws, this blog series will focus on how to prepare for an expat assignment, along with some cultural (as opposed to legal or regulatory) factors you’ll want to consider beforehand.

The near-term implications of thawing relations for U.S. businesses are likely modest, but the long-term potential for economic development is significant.

In the European Union, data protection regulations are changing. Given this reality, we're outlining the main aims of the EU data protection reforms, along with some recent EU cases involving data privacy that you should know about.