Employee Benefits

Radius Announces Global HR Solution to Reduce Risk and Centralize Management of International Employees

Global HR, launched today by global growth experts Radius, programmatically accounts for country-by-country differences in employment regulations, compliance issues, benefits policies, paid time off and other country-specific HR requirements so that HR leaders can more readily manage the risk and complexity of their global employee population.

Future of the Global Workplace: The Workplace Flexibility Conundrum

Countries around the world are grappling with change as work increasingly goes mobile. While workers in the US — particularly millennials — are clamoring for a more flexible workplace, the picture abroad is murkier, with some countries moving in the opposite direction. Companies that plan to send employees overseas need to be aware of the differences and prepare workers for organizations that view white-collar working hours in a very different light from their counterparts in the US.

Brazil Profit Sharing Plans Can Mean Big Savings: Part 2 of 2

In my last post, I outlined the basics of Brazil profit-sharing plans — known as “PLRs” — including how they can benefit both employers and employees. In this post, I’ll provide information on some other important — and often overlooked or misunderstood — facts about PLRs, such as, using third-party experts to draft PLRs and circumstances where PLRs are required.


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