Employee Benefits

Future of the Global Workplace: The Six-Hour Workday

As Radius reported last fall, certain public and private sector employees in Sweden are trialing a six-hour workday. Those innovative employers that are trialing the six-hour workday recognize the significant potential of the practice. While there are potential disadvantages to a shortened workday — such as the possibility that the employer might need to recruit additional workers to make up for lost hours — there are also many long-term employer benefits of moving to such a schedule.

The Uber Effect: Are Your Contract Workers Really Employees?

Last month Uber announced that it will pay up to $100 million to settle class action claims from US drivers claiming to be employees rather than self-employed contractors. The global ride-hailing service is fighting similar battles on a number of fronts, including a lawsuit in the UK from drivers seeking worker rights and compensation for lost earnings.This new world of contingent labour does not come without costs, and is in many ways seriously testing old labour codes that demarcate the self-employed from the employed. The distinction is an important one.


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