4 Foreign Business Laws You Didn’t See Coming – and What They Can Teach You About International Business

If you’ve expanded into a foreign country, you’ve experienced the transition to a whole new set of laws and business regulations. Foreign laws governing business practices are frequently difficult to adjust to and sometimes quite frustrating. But once in a while, foreign business laws can also be downright surreal. Here are four favorites we’ve come across. We think you might learn something even from these head-scratchers.

German Business Culture: Five Tips for Success

Just set foot in Germany? While the differences from your home country may be visually apparent, it is the cultural differences when working with Germans that are subtler. A friendly “entschuldigung” (excuse me) along with a little small talk may get the conversation started, but there are some additional insights that are essential to your success while working in country.

Germany Q&A

Last week's webinar Doing Business in Germany: Avoiding Common Pitfalls encouraged a lot of discussion.  There were several interesting questions from attendees for HSP's Germany experts; here are some of the highlights, and answers:

Does hiring an employee as a NRE create a permanent establishment in Germany?


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