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Should You Stop Manufacturing in China and Start Selling There?

As The Wall Street Journal jarringly reported last month, the wages for manufacturing jobs in China and the United States are starting to converge. The trend undercuts the outsourcing of manufacturing, at least to China, and we’ve seen something of a revitalization of the U.S. manufacturing sector as a result. The upshot for your business: It may be time to stop looking to China for workers and start looking there for customers.

The Corporate Roadmap to Success in Japan: High Street Partners and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Collaborate to Simplify Expansion into Japan

September 12, 2013 – (Annapolis, MD) – High Street Partners and JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization, have joined forces to offer insight and expert advice about the business opportunities that once again exist in Japan, at a panel discussion at Silicon Valley Bank in Santa Clara, CA today. The event, “The Corporate Roadmap to Success in Japan”, features experts from both organizations who will highlight the reasons behind Japan’s resurgence, provide insight into specific high-growth sectors, and offer guidance for surmounting challenges like cultural differences, recruiting, and regulatory compliance.

Japan is Rumbling Back to Life with Some of Asia’s Best Business Opportunities

By Andrew Lindquist, Director, Sales

Andrew Lindquist, Director Sales, High Street PartnersFor years, Japan’s economy languished while its less-developed neighbors enjoyed red-hot growth. But today Japan’s once moribund economy has enjoyed three-straight quarters of growth — and at a faster rate than the U.S. economy. For the first time in a long time, Japan offers many businesses the best growth opportunities in Asia.

Recent CFO Survey: Companies Pursue Outside Help to Navigate Unfamiliar Overseas Markets

By Bill Thomas, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

When American businesses venture abroad, they face serious challenges: ensuring compliance, managing tax implications, and aligning their goals with the local culture. According to CFOs and senior finance executives who participated in a recent survey conducted jointly by HSP and our partner CFO Magazine, those challenges only grow when a firm’s expansion takes it into emerging markets.

U.S. Companies Using International Expansion to Drive Growth and Profitability

New CFO Research Survey Shows 83% of Small to Mid-Size Businesses Say Overseas Expansion is now a Top Priority

August 13, 2013 – (Boston/Annapolis) – American businesses are aggressively pursuing international expansion to drive sales and win new customers, according to a new CFO Research survey of CFOs and other senior executives at companies with annual revenues of $50 million to $1 billion. The findings of the report, entitled “Pushing the Boundaries of Overseas Expansion,” indicate that with growth still sluggish in certain U.S. market sectors, executives have set their sights on overseas markets to achieve the growth they desire, with 65% of the executives reporting more aggressive growth targets for revenues from international customers in 2013 as compared to 2012. And in three years, 95% of respondents expect to have customers in at least two foreign countries. Overall, these executives see the upside, but acknowledge the challenges that come with international expansion.


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