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China’s Crackdown on Corruption Triggers Concern Among Multinationals

High Street Partners Offers Command and Control Solutions for Companies Operating Overseas

July 24, 2013 – (Boston/Annapolis) – The arrest earlier this week of several China-based GlaxoSmithKline employees on charges of bribery has heightened concerns for foreign companies operating in China. HQ is generally tasked with the development and oversight of robust controls to ensure that inappropriate cultural norms don’t run afoul of increasingly tougher regulatory environments, in China and elsewhere. According to statements issued by the pharmaceutical giant, the employees in question “appear to have acted outside of our processes and controls.”

"The news that healthcare giant GlaxoSmithKline had several of their executives arrested in China is a sobering reminder to all multinationals, large or small, on the need to ensure due command and control on their overseas operations" says Larry Harding, Founder & CEO of High Street Partners.

New Funding is a Game-Changer

We sat down with High Street Partners founder and President Larry Harding today, to discuss the details of the $8 million dollar expansion round funding that closed earlier this week. The proceeds have been earmarked for some very exciting initiatives which will further enhance the HSP customer experience.

Even Rock Bands Have Immigration Issues: Work Permit Concerns in Russia

It’s not just expanding businesses and multinational corporations that face immigration problems. Russia is cracking down on work permit compliance and no one, not even music groups, is immune. Learn more about this situation and the complexity around Russian immigration in a post from our President Larry Harding.


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