Beyond At-Will: International Employment Best Practices


Did you know that the U.S. is the only nation worldwide that subscribes to the idea of “at-will” employment? Globally, the employer-employee relationship is much more strictly regulated: required employee contracts, powerful labor unions and extensive statutory benefits are just some of the hurdles U.S. companies will face when hiring overseas.

View the webinar recording and avoid the all too common hiring pitfalls when bringing on international employees by learning critical best practices for international employment benefits.

This webinar will cover:

  • Offer letters: What's legal, what's not?
  • Contractor or employee?
  • International employment contract dos and don'ts
  • Employee benefits: Legislation and best practices
  • And more...


Jean Latu, Director, High Street Partners
Jean has more than 15 years experience in international finance and accounting and HR operations. As a director at HSP, she serves as a trusted advisory to many companies attempting to navigate the complexities of international operations. Prior to HSP, Jean led a consulting practice and was a director of finance operations for the advisory firm, Experis. She also has experience as a VP Finance and Controller. Her experience includes helping companies set up legal entities overseas, hiring and terminating employees in other countries, initiating payroll and accounting, managing financial reporting, and maintaining compliance with applicable country regulations.

  View the webinar recording: