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Stephen M. Chipman worked at Grant Thornton for 34 years, serving as its chief executive. In June, 2016, he became CEO of Boston-based Radius, which helps businesses manage and expand their international operations.

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“There is still anxiety about certain locations in continental Europe,” said Stephen M. Chipman, chief executive of Radius, a Boston-based consulting firm that advises countries exploring global expansions. “Companies worry about German law. They hear nightmare stories about hiring people in France, and not being able to get rid of people. These worries weigh pretty heavily.”

In following the Brexit decision over the last several months, this is the first real positive news that someone has mentioned in a while. The ability to either take advantage of a decent cost savings in labor appeals to most companies, even if the future is uncertain.

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Stephen Chipman and his teams at Boston-based Radius have helped a lot of US companies set up their European headquarters in the United Kingdom especially London, and they are understandably concerned about what to do in the wake of the country’s referendum to leave the European common market.

CEO Stephen Chipman and his teams at Boston-based Radius, have helped a lot of US companies set up European headquarters in the United Kingdom, especially in London, and their clients are understandably concerned about what to do following the country's vote to leave the European common market.

A recent survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of American Express found that countries around the world are looking to increase trade with the U.S. According to these U.S. business owners, international business is on the rise, too. - The Financial Exchange with Barry Armstrong

Barry Armstrong conducted this live interview with Radius CEO Stephen Chipman on his popular radio show The Financial Exchange.

How to Settle Up When Doing Business In Middle Eastern Countries

For companies that want to export their goods or services to the Middle East, the situation may quickly become complicated for those that establish a sales office and want to open a bank account for purposes such as cutting payroll checks.

How HR Can Prepare for Brexit's Impact

The United Kingdom's recent vote to leave the European Union (EU) could have implications for global organizations and their HR teams and could potentially affect recruiting, hiring and employer branding for those organizations.

Businesses try to keep calm amid uncertainty of Brexit vote

Britain's vote to leave the European Union is already taking a toll on some small U.S. businesses, with canceled tour bookings in New York and U.K. retailers cutting back their orders from American suppliers.

Meet David Reichert, Director of Product Management, Radius

David Reichert is Director of Product Management at Radius. His focus is on human capital management, including global human resources, global payroll, and advisory solutions. Radius manages global payroll in countries worldwide for companies of all sizes and in all industries and has developed a cloud-based software platform for delivering global payroll to its clients in a user-friendly way. Reichert has 20 years of experience in startup ventures creating and launching consumer and business web applications.

Brexit: What does Britain leaving the EU mean for the US?

The vote for Britain to leave the EU sent shockwaves through global markets and the value of the pound fell to a 31-year low against the dollar this week. But Katie Davies, senior director of advisory services at global growth expert Radius, said that American companies should avoid “knee-jerk reactions” to the ongoing uncertainty.