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BNA Insights: The End of Corporate Inversion?

As tax base erosion and profit shifting come under major scrutiny from the world’s biggest economies, the practice of corporate inversion has once again come under the microscope. While further restrictions on inversion are likely only a matter of time, ending the practice will amount to only a small patch on a global tax framework that’s come up for serious rethinking.

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BritishAmerican Business

The Collateral Complications of International M&A

At firms heading towards a merger, acquisition, or divestment, executives tend to maintain a laser-like focus on the deal itself: What is the share price? What are the terms?

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Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Placing and Keeping Expats in Beijing More Difficult

If your business must establish or maintain a presence in China, this represents a new HR challenge. You may be able to head off the challenge altogether if you have the flexibility to place employees in Shanghai or another alternative to Beijing. It’s a pivot that could lead to significant savings on benefits and leave you with happier employees.

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Shire In Talks Over Renewed Buyout Bid

Lexington biotech Shire plc, which turned away three previous buyout bids from AbbVie Inc., acknowledged Monday its executives were engaged in takeover talks after the drug maker sweetened its offer by $2.6 billion to $53.6 billion.

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5 Things You Must Know About Foreign Staff Benefits

An international expansion has a lot of moving parts to it, but the heart of any organization is its people, so they should always remain a priority when expanding overseas. That means it will be vital to understand the benefits implications of any move abroad, both for the workers you'll be hiring in new markets and for the existing employees you'll be sending out from HQ.

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