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American Colleges Expanding Campuses to Africa

After conquering Europe and making significant headway in Asia and some parts of the Middle East like Dubai, many business schools from the United States and Europe are now exploring a bold new frontier: Africa.

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5 Things for Start-ups to Consider Before Going International

For high growth companies (start-ups) in today’s most competitive sectors, building an international business is no longer optional. If you’re planning on building a business only within the confines of your country and relying on the strengths of the domestic markets, you will leave market share on the table.

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The Best — and Worst — Places to Lose Your Job

Though there are places in the world people can be fired without warning, it tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

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Hiring in the U.S.? Read This First

Different employment laws mean different requirements on your end. Save yourself future headaches by doing an audit now

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Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Cross-Border Mergers Create Mountain of HR Compliance Details

For any operation heading toward a merger, acquisition or divestment, executives tend to maintain a laser-like focus on the deal itself. However, especially when deals occur across multiple jurisdictions, there is a mountain of operational and compliance details to plan for, particularly in human resources.

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