Unique non-profit issues during international expansions

"It's tough enough staying in compliance here at home. How do I set up my non-profit to operate overseas?"

 Host-country legal and regulatory requirements are likely to be very different from those at home

Carrying out the work of a non-profit organization overseas requires completing a myriad of registrations and following complex compliance regulations.  Host-country legal and regulatory requirements are likely to be very different from those at home, and failure to comply can result in financial and reputational damage to your institution.

Radius’ dedicated non-profits practice assists many of the world’s top institutions with overcoming the unique legal, HR, financial and compliance challenges encountered by non-profits operating abroad. Radius’ goal is to minimize our customers’ exposure to financial and reputational risks, such as those posed by local employment practices and regulations, on-the-ground cash demands and complicated legal entity requirements.
Here are some of the ways Radius can support your non-profit organization’s international activities:
  • Minimize your legal presence to protect assets and reputation
  • Arrange temporary business solutions so chiefs of party can begin work while a long-term legal structure is established
  • Provide assistance with sending expats and TCNs abroad and with hiring local nationals
  • Provide advice on new initiatives or perform a “health check” of existing programs to ensure compliance
  • Uncover hidden compliance risks of research projects
  • Identify legal and reputational pitfalls of new or existing partnerships