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Control Risks Joins Radius’ Global Partner Program

Control Risks Partner Release

December 03, 2014 - BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Radius, the leader in international business software and services, welcomes Control Risks, a company which specializes in helping organizations manage political, integrity and security risks, to its Global Partner Program. Control Risks has 36 offices across five continents, with more than 2,000 employees that include experts in media, law enforcement, academia, military, government and commercial enterprise.

“Entry into a potentially lucrative new market often poses challenges and risks that go beyond financial, HR and compliance, where our expertise is unmatched,” said David Hughson, director, channels and business development for Radius. “When this happens, unique expertise is required, and we’re pleased to make this available to our clients through Control Risks, the best in the industry at managing political and security risks in complicated and often unstable regions.”

The capabilities of Radius and Control Risks are complementary and will be ideal for organizations seeking to enter new geographic markets. As Radius steps in to help a business manage overseas operations or outsource its entire global accounting and administration functions, Control Risks can help navigate the challenges associated with issues such as political instability, corruption, cyber breaches and other risks that could hinder business success.

“There is a natural alignment between the services that Control Risks and Radius provide, covering all the bases an organization requires to be successful in a new market,” said Jonny Gray, senior managing director for Control Risks. “The list of challenges when entering a new market can be daunting, but collectively we can provide the appropriate expertise in order to successfully navigate diverse issues ranging from changing tax or employment laws to strategies for mitigating the risks posed by counter parties or corruption.”

About Control Risks

Control Risks is a global risk consultancy specializing in political, security and integrity risk. The company enables its clients to understand and manage the risks of operating in complex or hostile environments. Through a unique combination of services, wide geographical reach and by adopting a close partnership approach with clients, Control Risks helps organizations effectively solve their problems and realize new opportunities across the world. For more information, please visit

About Radius

Radius helps businesses move into new markets, manage overseas operations and outsource entire global accounting and administrative functions. Services include integrated international accounting, finance, banking, tax, HR, legal and compliance services, as well as a software platform that allows you to manage all of your global operations from your desk.

Radius combines the collective talents and resources of the former Nair & Co and High Street Partners. To assist its clients, Radius has developed OverseasConnect, a tailor-made cloud-based software platform that manages international business operations. Radius is headquartered in Bristol, UK, and supports more than 6,000 client operations in more than 80 countries, with core offices in the U.K., India, China, U.S., Japan and Singapore.