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LogicNow Engages Radius to Help Manage its Restructure Internationally

March 12, 2015 - BRISTOL, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--International expansion expert Radius is helping LogicNow, previously part of GFI Software, manage the transition internationally. Radius is helping to establish the company in Austria, Germany and Hong Kong.

“Rolling out a new structure is difficult enough in your home country, so we knew we needed expertise to manage the roll-out internationally,” said Steve Heckert, vice president, human resources at LogicNow. “Radius has the experience and people on the ground to ensure that LogicNow gets started on the right foot in the countries where we currently do business.”

Creating two separate and focused businesses from one improves LogicNow’s operational effectiveness. The company is now free to focus on its core market and product strategy to maintain its industry-leading growth rate. LogicNow, which includes MAXfocus (previously GFI MAX), IASO cloud back-up and ControlNow (previously GFI Cloud), will focus on SaaS technologies under a subscription model.

“LogicNow has a clear strategy for global expansion and this restructure creates new pathways for growth in Europe, Asia and other growing regions,” said John Clancy, president of Radius. “Helping to manage a successful roll-out of a new dynamic company was an exciting engagement, and we look forward to working with LogicNow as it eyes further expansion in the future.”

Radius helped LogicNow with core operations functions important when establishing new entities, including payroll, tax issues, corporate compliance and accounting.

About Radius

Radius helps businesses move into new markets, manage overseas operations and outsource entire global accounting and administrative functions. Services include integrated international accounting, finance, banking, tax, HR, legal and compliance services, as well as a software platform that allows you to manage all of your global operations from your desk.

Radius combines the collective talents and resources of the former Nair & Co and High Street Partners. To assist its clients, Radius has developed OverseasConnect, a tailor-made cloud-based software platform that manages international business operations. Radius is headquartered in Bristol, UK, and supports more than 6,000 client operations in more than 80 countries, with core offices in the U.K., India, China, U.S., Japan and Singapore. For more information, please visit