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Running a multinational business is complicated, and maintaining global operations gets more complex over time. Regulations in every jurisdiction are rapidly changing, and related best practices are changing along with them.


As global e-commerce grows, tax authorities everywhere face significant challenges. They must consider how to tax digital transactions, and in particular how to ensure and enforce indirect tax compliance.


The new US tax reforms represent the largest overhaul to the country’s tax code in more than three decades. They not only significantly lower US corporate tax rates, they change how multinationals are taxed on their non-US operations and their cross-border transactions. Understanding and following with the new rules will create challenges for multinationals. Those that fail to comply will risk financial and reputational damage, and those that fail to take advantage of new benefits will leave money on the table.


Traditional benefits offerings such as pensions and medical insurance don't necessarily motivate today's increasingly multigenerational - and international - workforce. Organizations are coming to realize that they must develop new employee-engagement strategies to attract and retain top talent, both at home and abroad.