International Compliance Framework: Five Areas You Need to Consider


Join Radius & BloombergBNA Tuesday, November 7th at 12pm EST.

Keeping track of regulatory deadlines, whether you’re a small company engaging in cross-border e-commerce or a multinational with offices around the world, is challenging and risky. Each jurisdiction has its own constantly changing obligations for businesses operating in their territory, compensating employees and more. The stakes for missing compliance deadlines are higher than ever with domestic fiscal authorities intent on capturing revenues and enforcing taxes, and missed deadlines mean fines and reputational damage.

During this broadcast, compliance expert, Lee Sheehan will discuss:

  • The current landscape and trends in statutory and tax compliance
  • Tools available to fiscal authorities to force improved compliance
  • The risks of getting it wrong
  • How to mitigate risk
  • Tips to help you stay on top of your compliance obligations

Presented by:

Lee Sheehan, Radius

Lee Sheehan
VP Global Compliance

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