VAT 201: Beyond the Basics



Radius will take a deeper dive into VAT for US-headquartered companies to help ensure you’re not leaving money on the table. This advanced VAT webinar was developed for financial professionals with responsibility for overseas operations.

Join Radius’s indirect tax expert, Simran Juneja, for a complimentary broadcast. If your company operates internationally, or plans to, you won’t want to miss this event.

During this broadcast you will learn:

  • Why VAT strategy and planning is critical to your business
  • Common VAT implications for US companies doing business internationally
  • How to assess VAT obligations within your global supply chain for you and your customers
  • The scope of indirect tax on global businesses
  • VAT recovery steps that maximize your VAT reimbursement opportunities
  • Case studies and lessons learned

Presented by: 
Simran Juneja, Radius
Simran Juneja
Consultant, Indirect Tax