Data Protection Requirements in a Shifting Global Regulatory Landscape


EU Data Protection can be a minefield; learn how recent regulatory changes affect your business. In the last year we’ve seen remarkable changes in the global regulatory environment. The European court ruling in September 2015 that invalidated the EU-US Safe Harbor agreement – which left many businesses scrambling to determine what they must do to comply with Europe’s strict data protection laws – as well as the historic Brexit referendum has raised many questions for businesses wondering if they have an adequate level of data protection.

During this webinar, Paul will discuss:

  • How to become compliant with the current EU data protection directives
  • Key regulatory changes to the current EU data protection directives
  • How the shifting European regulatory environment applies to common scenarios for US businesses
  • What steps can be taken to ensure compliance

Presented by: 
Paul Sutton, Radius
Paul Sutton
Head of Legal