Top 5 International Risks for 2017


Today, entry into a potentially lucrative new market often poses risks that go beyond those related to finance, HR and compliance. Increasingly, political populism and geo-political security are also prime concerns.

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During this broadcast, Iain will discuss:

  • US Policy Disruption - US policy, from trade to international security, is the great unknown for 2017

  • EU Politics and Populism – Brexit, populism and politics as France, Germany and the Netherlands hold elections

  • Great Power Tension – US talks tough, China stands firm, Russia remains assertive

  • Regulatory Disorientation – Regulation will mostly relax in the US and tighten in China, while enforcement in Europe will increase

  • A Fragmented Terror Threat – If the Islamic State cedes territory there will be an exodus of militants who could potentially spread their ideology

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Iain Donald, Control Risks

Iain Donald
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Global Risk Analysis
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