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Radius President John Clancy has a knack for expanding US businesses

Radius President John Clancy has a knack for expanding US businesses

John Clancy

Title: President, Radius

Age: 48

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Assumption College, 1989

Residence: Sherborn

Throughout his career, John Clancy was the growth person leading the charge on top line revenue for companies such as Connected Corp. and Iron Mountain Digital, opening offices in new locations and spearheading acquisitions. Clancy joined Radius during the 2014 merger of Nair & Co. and High Street Partners, of which he was president. Radius, an international company that helps U.S. businesses expand globally, has 900-plus employees worldwide with offices in the U.K., China, Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, and Singapore. Clancy just helped lead its first acquisition — accounting and services firm B&B Gestao of Sao Paulo, considered Brazil’s financial center — to provide its own customers with expertise with tax, compliance, finance, HR, labor law and culture, basically all the areas of business that a company will need to address while expanding to Brazil.

“We’ve helped 1,000 companies in the U.S. expand to over 100 countries,” Clancy said.

Clancy says clients are looking at two things before making a decision to expand internationally: the size of the market and the complexity of doing business in that market. Markets such as China, Brazil, India and Japan tend to be the most complex markets in which to do business because those tend to be the ones where government wants to control and protect the existing business environment, according to Clancy. At the top of the list of the more sought-after markets in which to do business — with more business-friendly regulations and existing laws — are the U.K., Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Another way Radius helps its clients is by eliminating the need for companies to juggle multiple vendors. If a company wants to do business internationally and wants handle the expansion itself, the company becomes a contractor by hiring compliance, tax, HR and payroll vendors. Clancy says that can work if a company is expanding to just one country, but if you’re in five different countries, you’re looking at managing 10 to 20 vendors, according to Clancy.

“We are very aware of what’s out there and are laser-focused on growth and helping our clients to succeed,” said Clancy, who added that Radius is profitable and “growing nicely,” but does not divulge revenue. “We have tremendous opportunity here to build a billion-dollar business.”

And there’s no doubt in Bob Brennan’s mind that Clancy is the one that can make it happen. Brennan, who is CEO at Veracode, worked with Clancy at Iron Mountain, a publicly traded data protection and information services business, where Brennan was president and CEO, and Clancy was president of Iron Mountain Digital. Prior to that, Clancy and Brennan also worked closely at Connected Corp. where Brennan was CEO of the PC data-protection company and Clancy was COO.

“John has been a leader in fast-paced businesses and is unrivaled in the Boston area having been CEO and building Iron Mountain Digital into a quarter-billion dollar business,” Brennan said. “He really understands the utility of a service ethos on top of clever software in the pursuit of a compound annuity.”

Clancy was responsible for shifting Connected Corp. from a license-based business to a software-as-a services business before “SAAS was even SAAS,” according to Brennan. “John had a major role in enabling that transaction and the organic and M&A growth that grew the business to $250 million. He subsequently acquired three companies very successfully at Iron Mountain.”

The oldest of four children, Clancy said his father, whom he lost in June 2014 , taught him character, integrity and the power of being nice. “I thought nice guys finished last but he demonstrated, and I tried to bring to bare, the power of being nice and having compassion,” Clancy said of his father.

His mother, who was a stay-at-home mom, put all of her energy into helping Clancy and his siblings succeed, and it worked. One sibling is a surgeon, another a dentist and the third, an executive at Fidelity.

“When I think of the biggest gifts my mom gave all of her children three stand out — warmth and love, confidence and humor,” he said. “Her laugh is infectious and she has great instincts on the use of humor and how it can help celebrate, heal or just in day to day life.”

Clancy has taken what he learned from his parents and applied it to his time with his own family which includes his wife of 20 years and his three children. Together they spend time involved in youth sports or outdoors on the beach, on the boat or fly fishing.