Permanent Establishment Playbook

Permanent Establishment Playbook

The global tax landscape is evolving to account for electronic commerce and other technologies and to target perceived aggressive tax avoidance by multinationals. Laws determining what constitutes a taxable presence — or a permanent establishment — are changing particularly quickly. Failure to understand and follow permanent establishment laws in all your countries of operation can lead to double taxation, financial penalties, reputational damage and more.

In the Permanent Establishment Playbook: What PE Is, How It's Changing and How to Protect Your Organization you'll learn about:

  • The concept of permanent establishment, or "PE"
  • How to determine if you've triggered a PE
  • Typical scenarios that trigger a PE
  • How PE is changing in countries around the world

Download the Radius Permanent Establishment Playbook to find out how you can lower your organization's PE-related risks.