Brexit Action Assessment

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has left US businesses operating in Europe wondering what’s next. To help you make well-informed decisions about your global operations as Brexit negotiations unfold, we’ve prepared a checklist of actions to take related to HR, legal considerations, taxes and more.

Legal Forms of Doing Business Abroad: Options, Considerations and Ensuring the Best Fit

Whether you are expanding overseas for the first time or already have international operations ensuring your company has the proper entity structure is critical. If you are planning your initial expansion where do you start? For those companies that are already overseas, have you outgrown your current international entity structure, and if so what should you do?

Global M&A Playbook: A Guide to International Deals

M&A activity has reached record levels in recent years, with buyers spending trillions of dollars annually. Despite the frenzy, however, serious risks remain, especially when participating in an international transaction. Some experts put the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions between 70 and 90 percent, so due diligence remains essential.


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